About Us

Mission Statement

The Office of Indigent Defense Services, a division of the Department of Finance,
in cooperation and consultation with other state agencies, professional associations and
other groups interested in the administration of criminal justice and the improvement and
expansion of defender services, provides financial services, guidance and statistical data
to the judicial circuits of the State of Alabama.  The purpose of the agency is to ensure
that every indigent defendant represented receives the fullest measure of due process
required by law and in a cost efficient and effective manner in order to promote fiscal
responsibility and accountability while providing quality legal representation to indigent
defendants charged with criminal offenses in the courts of the state.  The agency also
oversees the payment of court appointed attorneys for certain legal services performed on
behalf of indigent clients in the family courts of the state.

Statutory Authority

The Office of Indigent Defense Services operates under the following laws:

Code of Alabama 1975, Section 12-19-252, which provides funding and budget

Code of Alabama 1975, Sections 15-12-1 through 15-12-46, which provides for the
implementation of indigent defense systems throughout the state, rules and regulations
regarding same, and for the payment of the fees and expenses associated with the
representation of qualified defendants.

Announcing AIDCC

    The Office of Indigent Defense Services is pleased to present the
    Alabama Indigent Defense Claims Center, a web-based filing and
    reporting service for attorneys, court reporters, and experts
    developed by Finance ISD in cooperation with the Administrative Office of Courts.
    After you receive the email containing your user ID and temporary password,
    click on the AIDCC link below to sign in to the application.
    Be sure to register soon so you can start taking advantage of the many great features.
    If you have not received an email with sign-in information by 6/1/2012
    contact the Office of Indigent Defense Services.
    The link for the claims application video can be found under Helpful Links.